How to identify process ID in PerfMon

Last time I need to troubleshoot memory leak in IIS process hosted on productions server I decided to start with PerfMon and got stuck on Add Counters screen, where I saw seventeen w3wp (IIS process name) processes up to w3wp#17.

Here for the demo I used two instances of the same console application. It is enough to get the idea.

Add Counters

It occurs that there are some advice how to identify PID of the process, most of them about changing registry settings, and it  does not always help.

Others suggest to use third-party tools to match PerfMon process identification with real PID.

I used another solution. Add another performance counter, like on the screen below.

Add Counters 2016-03-22 22.59.16

Now I have possibility to identify that process I was interested in was #1.

Performance Monitor 2016-03-22 23.03.39

Happy using PerfMon. It is amazing!

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