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Generate WinMerge report file on CI server when running Approval tests

In our automation tests projects we rely on Approval tests to assert test output files. It could be for example JSON API responses or XML messages generated by integration services. This approach worked very well for us, in local when … Continue reading

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AutoFixture > Using [Frozen] attribute on test method parameter

[Frozen] attribute is used to freeze instances of objects. It is applied on test method parameters. We will consider simple examples with string comparison test. Without [Frozen] attribute Result: Failed Using [Frozen] attribute Applying [Frozen] on the first parameter of type … Continue reading

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Tools and libraries to consider when writing autotests

Below is a summary of tools/libraries I have used to build large maintainable suite of auto tests on large web project. Test Framework XUnit xUnit.net is a developer testing framework, built to support Test Driven Development, with a design goal … Continue reading

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Handling test data clean up in SpecFlow

Overview This post describes how to handle scenario level clean-up in a predictable way. Note: This blog post was originally written for SpecFlow 1.9 version. In SpecFlow 2+ version you should use scenario scoped bindings  with  [BeforeScenario] execution order can be … Continue reading

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